Welcome Note

Welcome to my "Multimedia Wonderland" ("Website" didn't have enough of a ring to it), here is where you will find links to my everything (music, socials, whatever else I make and put on the internet) as well as some writing and possibly other artsy content. The headings should be fairly self-explanatory.

Essentially, everything I do here is an experiment in content creation. What can I put online? Should I put anything online? Why? I don't have any of these answers, but I imagine mistakes will help me make some guidelines.

I am, like everyone else who does anything, a perfectionist, but I am actively trying to beat that into the earth, so I am going to purposely make projects public.

I am aware that all of the above is a rhetorical move which protects me from criticism by writing off content that critics may not like as an experiment, but I assure you, your criticism is most welcome. 

Also, if you find a typo or something send me an email or comment on a blog, thanks! 

Short Introduction to Kostyn

Hello, my name is Kostyn, a unique name (at least in Canada and America) bestowed upon me by my parents, which I can use, partially devoid of a surname, because of its uniqueness. Turning my name into a mononym for internet and portfolio use has some hangups as you will notice, such as in the title to this section where I had to speak/type/write/communicate in the third person. Sorry about that, it pains me too. 

I am passionate about the area I live in and am from, Niagara, Ontario, Canada, especially our arts community and beautiful natural landscape. I attend Brock University in Niagara and am currently working my way through a Bachelors of Arts Undergraduate program in English and Contemporary Culture (which is English Literature Studies, combined with a little bit of Communications, Popular Culture, and Film). At the moment (2017-2018), I am on exchange at Aarhus University in Aarhus, Denmark. I am a writer and a creator of things ('art'), namely music, and an appreciator of things. I have a deep interest in politics, news media, science and technology, and especially where these things intersect. These interests have produced some very strong opinions, but I do my best to actively avoid letting cognitive dissonance steer me from knowledge, am happy to disagree with someone, and even happier to be convinced or proven wrong.

Creations and contributions of note include:

  • I make solo music (all of the music I work on can be found on the "Music" page)
  • I am (/was, we are unclear on that at the moment) the vocalist and a co-songwriter in an alternative band called The Polar Bear is Mine
  • I wrote as the Assistant Editor and later the Editor of Arts & Culture for The Brock Press from August 2016 to April 2017 (click here to visit a list of my pieces for the paper)

Newest: Writing (Other)

Newest: Blog/Nonfiction Writing

Photos of Kostyn