Here is all of the music I've been publicly involved in (and want you to see).

Kostyn (Solo)

released August 10, 2017

The idea for A Collection of Imperfection has been bouncing around in my head since I started writing songs with an acoustic guitar about two years ago. Inspired by the D.I.Y. punk and folk punk scene and various weird and wonderful singer-songwriter friends and musicians I wanted to see if I could take the first four songs I wrote that stayed in my set-rotation, and turn them into an imperfect but listenable EP that I could be proud of and that would successfully demonstrate my ideas (overly-wordy run-on). The theme is in the name: "Imperfection", and I wanted to collect my earliest songs because they are just that. They are simple, often just two or three chords, are too long, and are fairly repetitive. Excluding the very rough sounding, reverbless "Dishfish, man", this was my first attempt at recording, mixing, and mastering and am happy with the result. I am very excited to apply the skills I learned during this process to new projects in the future.  Similarly, the album artwork is a drawing I did while working a late evening at a gas station last Summer and while it's not the product of a well-trained, practiced, or read artist; I fell in love with it and its imperfect persistence. 

released May 8, 2017

“Dishfish, man” is the first solo Kostyn release, hopefully, of many. This song — and other solo releases for the foreseeable future — is(/are) experiment(/s) in making, recording, and sharing music. Kostyn is a student, writer, musician, creator, and appreciator from Niagara, Ontario, Canada and is the vocalist and co-songwriter in an alternative band called The Polar Bear is Mine. All solo releases from Kostyn are snapshots of particular moments in songwriting; no song is finished, no song is perfect, and no song will ever be. All of this music may be released, and re-released, re-done, re-mixed, re-mastered, etc. The songs may show up in other projects as well, such as The Polar Bear is Mine or otherwise. This is an experiment. Criticism is welcome. I hope you enjoy this song and stay in touch. 

See the video here.

The Polar Bear is Mine (Vocals, Co-Songwriter)

released February 21, 2015

This is the band that started my musical career, the album above is our Debut EP(/Demo) we released in 2015. I could talk endlessly about this project. We are on indefinite hiatus right now, but hopefully, we will be able to get something else together in the future. All things The Polar Bear is Mine can be found here.

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