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Welcome to my (Kostyn's) "Multimedia Wonderland" ("Website" didn't have enough of a ring to it), here is where you will find links to my everything (music, socials, whatever else I make and put on the internet) as well as some writing and possibly other artsy content. The headings should be fairly self-explanatory.

Essentially, everything I do here is an experiment in content creation. What can I put online? Should I put anything online? Why? I don't have any of these answers, but I imagine mistakes will help me make some guidelines.

I am, like everyone else who does anything, a perfectionist, but I am actively trying to beat that into the earth, so I am going to purposely make projects public.

I am aware that all of the above is a rhetorical move which protects me from criticism by writing off content that critics may not like as an experiment, but I assure you, your criticism is most welcome.


Music, art, film, communication, media, popular culture, writing, poetry, photography, videography, journalism, nonfiction, fiction, politics, thoughts, blogs, and more.


Niagara, Ontario, Canada.

A Collection of Imperfection 03 "Stories" Lyrics

Curled under a blanket at night / It was not the heat that kept me warm / With feverish excitement, I’d plunge / To find that I have gills

I find that passion doesn’t last / Often to my own dismay / For that, I must thank my parents / Loving mom and dad

What a strange thought to think about / All that makes them unique / What a strange thought to think about / Everyone thinks

My mother is a raging sea on fire / Cannons quickly loaded, quip and query well researched / And the other hand my father / Logical, reasonable, and quiet

I used to think that I only took after her / Still more like her day by day / But it’s times like these I remember / My father’s in here, he’s just harder to find

What a strange thought to think about / All that makes them unique / What a strange thought to think about / Everyone thinks

We’re so beautifully alone / Yet we’re so tragically together / Who were you at twelve? / Who are you now? / What a novel this would make / What stories we could tell / Tales of adventure, heartache, and sorrow / Fiction with real life mixed in

His wife and kids died in a car crash / She fell in love with her best friend / He has an adorable rescue cat / She writes poetry about a dead uncle / He fought in a war / She stubbed her toe at work / He loves decorating cakes / She’s an ex-bodybuilder / He has a movie review blog / She’s a big vinyl fan / He wants to start to date men / She’s top of her class

A Collection of Imperfection available HERE.

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