Introduction to Writing (Other) and Some Thoughts "Dishfish, man"

This section will be similar to the “Blog / Nonfiction Writing” section, but instead it will be writing which doesn’t fall into that category. At the moment that means it will likely be lyrics and other poetry, but some fiction work and other pieces might show up here in the future. 

To start, I will introduce “Dishfish, man”, the song I released today and which is my first solo release. I like to leave lots of the lyrics up to open interpretation, especially given that the author isn’t the transcendental signified anyways, but I thought I’d let you in on a couple of things.

The first two lines are the real premise under which I thought of basically the entire song. I was doing dishes, standing in the kitchen, staring at my phone and waiting for any kind of digital validation to briefly stave off a brief but brutal bout of depression and loneliness. When eventually, I looked back at the dishes I had an image of, while I was distracted by my phone, a somewhat revolting freshwater fish making its way into the sink with all of the dishes. Extraordinarily luckily for me, ‘fish’ and ‘dish’ rhyme, so I had a poem nearly ready to go. Then the story came to me of a Dr. Seuss-like fish talking and becoming a man, etc. There are metaphors and imagery in there for lots of things, but all of that is for the listener to uncover (and feel free to tell me what you think I might give you some of my input too if you care to hear it).

The video clip of the lyrics in a notebook which starts off the music video is what I wrote in the moment taking a much-needed break from introspective dishwashing. 

I will put the full lyrics to the song in the post following this one, as I think will be my structure from here on out. 

Dishfish, man Artwork

You can find the song on Bandcamp HERE.